• Sacramento Drone Symposium; Late Spring 2018; Call for Participation & Presentations

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    TechLeader.TV is announcing the launch of the Sacramento Drone Symposium, an education forum to inform government and industry alike as to business challenges and potentially effective use of unmanned systems technology (UST) throughout the public sector environment particularly in the State of California.

    California public sector jurisdictions at all levels of government – state, local and higher education (SLED) having increasingly undertaken initial and successful forays into this exciting new landscape. And while their activities have garnered initial success, challenges persist, not only in California SLED’s exposure to innovative industry solutions, but conversely, the UST industry’s awareness of potential government applications. The Sacramento Drone Symposium is intended to be the vehicle for meeting these twin challenges.

    Literally hundreds of SLED organizations in California are planning if not actually utilizing UST and related tools involving everything from law enforcement to agriculture, from out-of-the-way infrastructure inspection to correctional facility protection, from mapping roads and wetlands for land management to monitoring wildlife populations. This is only the beginning.

    The attraction and the potential benefits for improvement in SLED governmental operations will only expand in the future. The U.S. Census estimates that there are nearly 5,000 such entities in California alone, 90,000 across the country.

    However, until now there has never been a drone exhibition and symposium which specifically targets this huge demographic. Until now.

    TechLeader.TV in collaboration with public sector entities at all levels is inviting private sector organizations interested in working with potential government partners in UST to participate in the planning, participation and sponsorship of the first annual Sacramento Drone Symposium in the late spring of 2018.

    A successful Sacramento Drone Symposium will require the active planning and participation of SLED representatives and vendor partners to identify keynote topics and speakers, government and industry presentations, provocative panel discussions and workshop sessions addressing unmanned systems technology topics.

    Unique areas to be covered could also include updates from California legislators and Federal regulatory authorities. A critical aspect will also involve the role for California Small Business (SBE) and Disable Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE) and partnering advantages for Prime Contractors.

    If you are interested in participating please contact us.



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