• Teri Takai’s DOD CIO confirmation put on hold

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    There appears to be a bump in the road for California CIO Teri Takai whom TechLeader.TV reported early this year to be in line for an Obama Administration Appointment as DOD CIO.

    Amber Corrin with Federal Computer Week reports, “Teri Takai’s confirmation hearings on hold as the Defense Secretary reviews organizational structure…Defense Secretary Robert Gates last week elaborated on plans to shave $100 billion from the defense budget over the next five years, and on the chopping block are a number of areas of Defense Department information technology infrastructure and offices.

    Under DOD’s current structure, the CIO serves as assistant secretary of defense for Networks and Information Integration. However, last month the Defense Business Board recommended the dissolution of DOD’s NII directorate, as part of a broader downsizing of defense organizations to meet the goal of saving $100 billion…” Read full story here… 

    Teri Takai’s DOD CIO confirmation put on hold

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